40 Years of Mount Argus Parish

Archbishop Martin

On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 14 September, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin celebrated Mass at Mount Argus to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the Parish of St Paul of the Cross. In his homily, the Archbishop spoke about how the Cross frees us to respond in love to Christ and reach out in love to others, reminding us that ‘Christianity, a faith built on the cross, is not a religion of oppression, but a way of living so that the power of love can frees us.’ He also spoke of the place of St Charles in the mission of the Passionist Community and the Parish at Mount Argus:

This parish is unique in that it has as a part of its spiritual heritage a canonised Saint, Saint Charles of Mount Argus.  We pray that his prayerfulness, his care for the sick and those bowed down by sin or heavy burdens, will be an example for all of us and that his intercession will aid the mission of this parish in our days, at the service of the message of Jesus, crucified out of love for us.

You can read the full text of Archbishop Martin’s homily here.

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